Devonshire Accountants offers specialised accounting, taxation and bookkeeping services with offices in Browns Plains & Northgate.


Devonshire Accountants started operations in  Brisbane in 2009, initially under licence from the Institute of Public Accountants. Although our roots go back to 1973, when Devonshire Accountants first started its business in Kenya. Hence we were pleased to carry on the business name in Australia. In 2012, we started offering services in the Northside of Brisbane starting at Chermside and then moving to Northgate.

In 2013, our practice was licenced by CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 160,000 members working in 118 countries around the world, with more than 25,000 members working in senior leadership positions. The year 2014 saw us moving to a fully cloud enviroment with hosted servers, making us work from any location in the world.

Devonshire Accountants have been meeting the ATO targets for on-time lodgment status for our clients.

In 2018, Devonshire Accountants, opened up its shop front office in Browns Plains in the southside of Brisbane.

Devonshire Accountants are celebrating 10 Years in 2019

Devonshire Accountants have been winning industry related awards.

How Did We Adopt the Name Devonshire

There were 2 instances that lead us to adopt the word “Devonshire”. The first instance was that In 1973, we took up offices in a building by the name of Devonshire House.This buidling was owned by a investor from Isreal and his wife was born in the county of Devonshire in UK. He decided to name the building in her honour.

Secondly, the Devonshire White Paper signed by Victor Cavendish, the 9th Duke of Devonshire, in Kenya in 1923, was a very popular event in the history, upholding the interest of the local community.

Hence, when deciding on the name of the business, it was right in front of us, as we were housed in a building that had a name and on the other hand we had event that had changed history in Kenya.

Your Assurance Of Quality

Devonshire Accountants is an approved CPA Practitioner entity. By dealing with us you can be assured that you, as a client, are protected in a number of ways:

  • we hold a Public Practice Certificate issued by CPA Australia
  • hold professional indemnity insurance
  • recognised under Professional Standards Legislation (PSL) in this state or territory for limited liability
  • we have appropriate risk management strategies incorporated within the practice
  • we undergo independent ongoing quality control through CPA Australia
  • engage in continuing professional development
  • hold tax agent licence, issued by the Tax Practitioners Board
  • registered agent with ASIC


Professional Advice

We are qualified accountants & tax agents and provide professional advice to our clients.

Wide Range of Software

We use a wide range of softwares and can offer our clients the flexibility by providing them the right package.

We Speak A Number of Languages

Our staff can speak a number of languages ranging from Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Greek and Swahili.

two locations

We have two locations, based on the northside and southside of Brisbane.

Years of Experience

Devonshire Accountants has years of accounting and tax experience. It has a strong foundation and you will be in safe professional hands.

All Types of Clients

We cater for all kinds of clients from individuals to medium size buisnesses. We understand the needs of each different levels of clients.

Open Most Evenings

We are aware that people are busy during the day and are unable to make appointments to see their accountant. Our Southside Office in Regents Park is open late on most evenings. Please speak to us for more details.